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Frequently asked stump removal questions

What makes your stump removal business better than the next guy? Aren’t all grinding companies the same?2017-04-18T02:18:11+00:00

We strive to be a business that does a good and clean job and at an affordable price. We also strive to be respectful of you and your property at all times.

Do you have insurance?2017-04-18T02:16:14+00:00

Yes, I am fully insured.

Can I just poison the stump and dig it out later?2017-04-18T02:15:39+00:00

I have been called to finish stumps that the home owner had tried to burn out. It was taking the home owner to long so he called me to remove it.

Why should I hire a professional to remove my stump instead of doing it myself?2017-04-18T02:13:31+00:00

Sometimes trying to do a job you are not familiar with can take much longer and can sometimes end up costing more then hiring a professional. It is also a good idea because I am fully insured.

Do you take away stump shavings?2017-04-18T02:11:24+00:00

We do. There is a fee for removing stump shavings. The fee is based upon the amount of grindings.

Can I plant a tree in the same spot from where the stump was removed?2017-04-18T02:10:10+00:00

You could if the tree that was removed was small enough or the bigger tree is very rotten.

How long will it take from the time I call for an estimate to the completion of the job?2017-04-18T02:08:14+00:00

If all utilities are marked and weather permitting it usually takes around a couple of days.

How do you remove a stump?2017-04-18T02:06:10+00:00

We use a stump grinder SP 4012 machine that is controlled remotely. There are times where stumps are tall and need to be cut as low as possible to the ground. We can use a chain saw to handle tall stumps.

Is there a cost for an estimate?2017-04-18T02:03:33+00:00

No, we come out and look at the job at no cost to you.

Can I get a price estimate over the phone?2017-04-27T12:05:28+00:00

Unfortunately not because the height, diameter, and terrain need to be evaluated.

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